Our 2nd Annual Tampico Grey Rock 50K/25K Trail run more than doubled the runners from last year and saw the course record shattered by nearly 2 hours.  First time Grey Rock runner Jeff Hashimoto from Ellensburg nearly set the woods on fire with a new course record of 5:03.14!  The old record held by James Klarich of Wapato was 6:58.36.  Jeff's wife, Carey Gazis, also took top female honors with a time of 7:27.55.  Female course record set last year by Van Phan of Maple Valley still stands with a time of 6:59.05.  The newly added 25K course was dominated by tri-athlete Sean Cleary with a course record of 3:09.30.  Sean has qualified for and will be competing in the Hawaiian Iron Man Competition this fall.  Top female time for the 25K went to Tina Wood of Yakima with a new course record of 3:56.28. 


Race Results


25K  Top Female   Tina Wood, Yakima, WA  3:56.28            Top Male    Sean Cleary  3:09.30



40-49  Tina Wood, Yakima, WA    3:56.28

          Sandy Boyd, Mabton, WA   6:08.52

50-59  Debbie Kolp, Seattle, WA  5:26.56

          Nancy Baum, Moxee, WA  6:08.52


40-49  Sean Cleary, Yakima, WA  3:09.30

          Phil Frank, Yakima, WA  3:56.28


50K   Top Female    Carey Gazis, Ellensburg, WA  7:27.55      Top Male  Jeff Hashimoto  5:03.14



40-49  Carey Gazis, Ellensburg, WA  7:27.55



30-39  Jeff Hashimoto, Ellensburg, WA  5:03.14

40-49  Eric Clifton, Yakima, WA  5:57.18

          Mark Hartinger, Shoreline, WA  5:59.17

          Steve Barrick, Kent, WA  6:50.34

          James Klarich, Wapato, WA  7:57.25

50-59  Jeff Hagen, Yakima, WA  6:28.50

          Eric Anderson, Yakima, WA  7:33.56

          Larry McCaw, Yakima, WA       

60-69  JR Phillips, Yakima, WA


Thanks again to our volunteers.  The dedicated crew from West Valley Fire Department not only makes our

run safer, we simply would not exist without your support.  Thank you to  Don, Laura, Vanessa and John from the Department of Natural Resources.   You have a tough job juggling all the users of our beautiful trail.  Thanks for making it safe for our runners.  Finally, thanks to all the hours of work and patience from our members of the Ahtanum Valley Museum Association.  Jack, Pat, Terry, Daine, Judy, Greg, Barbara and Kendra have spent hours working to the success of this run.  Thanks Levi and Jackie for your help.