Hard Core Runners Club Annual Potluck and Officer Election - Sunday - November 6, 2005

Above: President Eric Anderson

Surrounding pictures by Eric at the YMCA with foods and elected officers: Tony Sagare-Treasurer, Virginia Nicholson-Club Membership, Jack Carlton-Secretary. Open positions at this time are vice president & club social fun run directior.

Larry McCaw-race director of the Frosty Four Miler and Lorrie Smith-race director of Sun City 1/2 Marathon & 5K.

Janis, Bill, J.R., Bill, Frank & Barry supported the re-election of Eric as president for the next year.

Hard Core Runners points awards

but not tired
Kenneth Zahn
1,392 miles
1,839 points

Barry, Barry
good award
Barry James
1,385 miles
1,514 points

Gotta get
out more
Frank Purdy
1,247 miles
1,352 points