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Posted: 2-9-2019

We are putting on a race March 2nd on Rattlesnake Mtn called Race up the Snake outside of Benton City and want to extend an invitation to your group. We are Runners of the Sage-
You can find the race under the race tab
For Race up the Snake we are encouraging running groups to come together for a memory/experience together to continue building camaraderie in their groups and I invite you to extend this out to the Hard Core Runners. I have a couple groups coming from Central Oregon, Spokane, and possibly Boise.
If a group gets 5 or more of their members registered for Race up the Snake, and their group leader emails me a week prior to the race verifying those in their group and sends me an updated picture and logo, we will put a picture and blurb about the group in our Race Guide and then the day of the race, the group will get a race plaque with their group name on the plaque. We will get a picture of that too. We'd love to have the Hard Core Runners represented!

Sent by: Chris Albertson from Tri-Cities