Hard Core Runners Club Meeting
May 1, 2003 - 7:00 P.M..
Yakima Athletic Club

General notes taken - NOT official minutes.

President Jean F called the meeting to order.
Attending were Frank C, Bill N, Virginia N, Kenn Z, Frank P, Eric A, Janis C, Jack C, Stan H, & Larry McC.

The minutes were read and approved.
The treasurer's report was postponed until the next meeting due that Tony could not be in attendance.
The membership stands at 203
The newsletter is out and the next one will be around the 15th of the month.

Club Runs - all start at 6:30 P.M..
May 6 - Selah Middle School
May 22 - Sherman Park (by the animal shelter across from K-Mart) [hosted by Jean F.]
June 3 - at 213 S. 16th Avenue, hosted by Jack and Janis C.
June 19 - Randall Park, west parking lot off of 48th Avenue
July 1 - West Valley Community Park
July 24 - Las Margaritas parking lot off of North 16th Avenue.

Club shirts are for sale and available to be ordered:
These are 'Dri-Release' shirts.
The shirts have the club gray color with the club logo on the front and back.
Short sleeve: a few are available in medium or large sizes. $15.00
Long sleeve: available to be ordered at this time. $20.00
Sleeveless: available to be ordered at this time. $18.00 approximately
Contact Larry McCaw at 457.6908 to order.
He will have shirts at the club runs and local races.

The Clear Lake Memorial Run is on June 8.
The parking issue has been resolved with parking allowed ONLY on the west side of the roadway. Bill N. is in charge of the parking. Any who can help before the race with traffic control, please let Bill know.

No report was available of the Yakima River Canyon Marathon.

Kenn asked that the board accept a proposal to move the club's web site from his AOL account to a professional web site. His AOL account is limited to available space and shows advertisements. The proposed site does not show advertisements and has 125 meg of space.
Cost was discussed for the web site and domain name. If available, the domain name for the club will be: HCRunners.com
The professional web site is http://www.phpwebhosting.com and the domain hosting is http://www.register.com

The board approved the proposal. Kenn will contact Tony to work out the payment method to the web site and domain name registry.

The next meeting is on June 5.

The meeting for July was changed from July 3 to July 10 due to holiday conflicts.

Official minutes will be presented by secretary Jack Carlton.