Minutes for Hard Core Runner’s Meeting   January 3, 2008



Present; Janice, Jack, Eric, Pat, Karen, Barry, Greg, Tony, Jean, Kenn


Discussion began with awards:

$10/each and 34 x $4.00 = $136.00 for age groups

We talked about obtaining Bob’s picture frames which were presented.  His website is “Custom-oak.com”.


Second Item of Business:

Carltons agreed to volunteer for position(s) as Treasurer.  

Cash box to be collected from past treasurer.

Barry talked about Jean’s involvement in the future.  There has been no statement to date.  But Barry checked with the bank.  There is $5,699.15 in checking and $4,140.91.  There was talk of getting a budget to Carltons.  It was agreed that we’d like to have books done for the past two years.  Tony will get as much on Quicken as he can and then hand over to the Carltons.  



Discussion on USATF dues.  They need to be paid for 2008 (50.00).  Pat makes motion to pay.  Eric seconds the motion and it’s passed.


Stephanie Shuel will get together a date in February or March for the West Valley race.


Winter Race Series

4th Series; Will there be cider?  Final awards are going to be at Roundtable Pizza.

BJ, Karen Elizabeth, Janice and Shannon to be at the race.  

Karen brought up whether results are to be sent to NW Runner.  It was agreed to ask Lori.  Kenn will put point system on the website and bring it to the Frosty Four.


Frosty Four Race

Do we have the permit for this year?  Barry will check on that.

Karen brought up whether results are to be sent to NW Runner.  It was agreed to ask Lori.  Candies to be passed out to each finisher.  (5 for $1.00 from Boehm’s).


Letter was presented from Evan Alforo

Eric and Sally Lindberg are 30 year members.  Tony wrote them a thank you for their support to the club.

New Business


Kenn wants a date for Sun City race.  Clear Lake is to be 6/8, with Grey Rock on 7/12.   Barry to send a copy of the dates for the clock.  Shamrock  will be the first event to be held on 3/15.


Pat stated that Elizabeth is providing 1 Saturday per month dates for a fun run in addition to the long weekend runs.


Kenn brought up the issue of continuance of scholarship program.  He asked the board to make a decision.  He said that he would make a banner for the Frosty Four to get the word out.  Janice will make a poster?  Majority ruled that we continue the program.


Renewal reminders are in the newsletter.


Barry adjourns meeting at 8:20pm.