HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 1/5/12

Attendees: Gregg Broyles, Frank Purdy, Richard Bentancourt,  Kenn Zahn, Heidi Bolong, Brian Paul, Al Brown, and Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Greg Broyles  Meeting Start Time: 7:02PM       Meeting Adjourn Time: 8:05 PM


Membership Report: We have 225 members registered.


Treasurer Report: We are running in the black and on par with last year.


Old Business:

The new letter is in progress.

There is no update on the new web master. We are considering outsourcing this task.

Gregg reports he has put together a check list for race directors.

Richard provided some printed material on some options for the for chip timing systems. There are questions on the number of runners that each system can support. Richard will get more information on this. Richard will look at rescheduling a webinar on the chip timing system.

New Business:

Scholarship Update: Kenn heard back from 1 member with a suggestion to up the amount of money awarded for the scholarships. We discussed the prospect of upping the amount at 2 different values, and also briefly discussed the possibility of only having one award with a higher dollar amount. Protocol has been to award 1 scholarship to one female and one male applicant, but due to low number of applicants we discussed the possibility of awarding both to female or both to male applicants if we did not have a qualifying candidate for one of the genders. Further discussion to come.

Al Brown of the Green Way foundation presented Their up and coming community function coined “Upper Valley Rally “ which will be held on July 28th in celebration of the newly extended green way path extending to Naches. Some of the events to include a car club caravan on the new section of the green way, a 5K and 10K race and an apple bin race in Naches. Al is looking for support on the 5K and 10K race. General consensus of the club members present would be to support the race with equipment, planning, and some volunteers, as we have a good working relationship with the Green Way.

Race Updates:

Winter Series Race:  The winter series races were a success with record runner counts on the 1st and 2nd races. The max count for one of the races was 201 runners. 105 awards were given out.

Frosty Four Race: The Terrace Heights school may not be available for staging and awards do to construction. Kenn is looking into options for this. Rory McVey the race director is still in need of some volunteers.