HCR Club Meeting Minutes: January 7, 2010


Members Present: Gregg Broyles, Elizabeth Tutsch, Richard Betancourt, Frank Purdy, Kenn Zahn, Barry James, Rory McVey, and Pat Miller


Gregg called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


Membership: HCR has approximately 200 members.  Membership is currently in flux as renewals for 2010 continue to be updated.  More new members and renewals are expected from the WRS events.


Treasurer’s Report: Richard shared that we have a positive cash flow in HCR’s savings, checking, and Kids’ Marathon accounts for January.  He stated that HCR has its own stamps and deposit slips to help streamline banking needs.  Richard also recommended using safeguards when handling money--e.g. having two people count and sign for the amounts collected.


Insurance: Barry said HCR is up-to-date with its 2010 insurance.


Winter Race Series Update:  Frank thanked volunteers for WRS races #2 and 3 for their efforts.  Over 120 runners competed in WRS #3.  He said that the number of racers have increased this year.  Due to adding team and couple competitions might be the reason for the increase.  Planning for race #4 is going well.


Newsletter: Frank said the current newsletter is in the works.


Clock: Pat has done a lot of leg-work in finding a new race clock, replacing the large one that no longer works.  Officers voted to purchase a double-sided clock, with 9” numbers.  Its price is $3,800 which includes the clock, protective case, and tripod.  A programmable key pad will be added for an additional $195.


Red Cross Fundraiser: Gregg will contact the RC regarding race organizing.  The event will take place at the Greenway.


Scholarship Status: Kenn sent emails to board members inquiring whether they would like to participate in this year’s program.  Applications for the scholarship are the same as last year’s. 


Frosty Four Update: Rory will check with the East Valley volunteer fire department to inquire if they can provide EMT services.  Shannon Moyer will work the Time Machines for the event.  Gregg will bring the race equipment for the race.


Pat Miller recommended purchasing 4’ folding, plastic tables for race registration.


Grey Rock Update: No director volunteers at this time.


Sun City: Rory and Barry have volunteered with helping for 2010’s race.


8:15 Meeting adjourned


Respectfully submitted,


Barry James