Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

January 8th, 2004 Yakima Athletic Club

Eric brought the meeting to order at 7:03 P.M.

Members present: Larry McCaw, Kenn Zahn, Bob and Lenore Dolphin, Tony Sagare, Terry Cliett, Pam and Frank Covelli, Eric Anderson, Janis and Jack Carlton.

The minutes of the last meeting were read. Eric had a correct to the minutes. Though Tony had not been present to give a formal treasurerís report as stated in the minutes. Eric had given an abbreviated report with the pertinent numbers.

Treasurerís report: Tony reported a net income for the month or $1072.74. Major expenses were for the newsletter printing and mailing, plaques for the Prattís, AARC membership dues, and Frosty 4 expenses. We have a healthy balance in all accounts.

Membership: no report.

Newsletter: Frank was not present but we all know "itís a work in progress". Tony assured us that it was to be mailed the next day.

Club runs: Next on is Jan. 25 at the Klariches. Larry says the weather is generally better down is Sawyer and the food is great. Other runs are set through April. There will only be one run in April due to the YRCM and Easter. Check the newsletter or the web site for dates and places.

Current business: Winter Race Series is going well. Things are all set for the last race and awards. Results of race #3 are on the web site.

New Business: The Frosty 4 was discussed. We have permission to use the school. Forms for the race permit will be submitted on Jan 9th. Shirt designs were submitted by Rich Klosters Davis class. They were shown and voted on at the YMCA. The small clock will be at the 1 mile point and then moved to the 3 mile marker. Janis volunteered to coordinate getting cookies for the race. At the next club meeting we will prepare the race packets. Larry is still seeking volunteers.

Lenore reported on YRCM progress. A copy of the registration form has been sent to all of last years participants. Bob and Lenore have been distributing race forms at races they have attended (a lot). We have and ad in the NW Runner and Sports etc.. Jose Nebrida will return to run the race and be a guest speaker. Nelson Petersen of Kibo Productions in Lincoln, NE., has chosen the YRCM as one of his 10 featured marathons for 2004. He will be working in conjunction with PBS to present our marathon and the Yakima Valley as a "destination marathon". More information may be obtained at destinationmarathon.com. The next marathon meeting will be January 22nd at the Dolphins.

We are still actively in search of a race director for the Clear Lake races. Tony is ready to pass the baton.

Meeting adjourned, 7:55P.M. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton