HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2/2/12

Attendees: Gregg Broyles, Frank Purdy, Kati Soldano, Randy Bolong, Steven Martinez, and Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Greg Broyles  Meeting Start Time: 7:08PM       Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:55 PM


Membership Report: We have 202 members registered.


Treasurer Report: We are running in the black and on par with last year.


Old Business:

Web Master: There is no update on the new web master. We are considering outsourcing this task. We discussed soliciting for a web master at the Frost Four race, and decided that it would be a good idea.

Chip Timing: We had further discussion on the ITS chip timing system options. The question still remains on the hard limits of runner count in the Cubby system. There is also question if the software license fee is one time or ongoing. Greg will get more information on this.

Scholarship Update: Chose to defer until next meeting.

New Business:

Steve Martinez a student of MEDEX, a physician’s assistant program through the UW, wants to put on a run as an awareness of the MEDEX program. We discussed equipment rental and other support by HCR. Steve is looking at late April or May weekend possibilities. We discussed possible courses he could use for this Race. He was given information on where to buy bib numbers and t-shirts.

Race Updates:

Frosty Four Race: Rory still looking for a couple volunteers for the race. We have 160 pre-registered participants and expect 300 plus in all.