HCR’s Club Minutes for February 4, 2008


Attending; Greg, Tony, Bob, Lenore, Jean, Kenn, Karen, Pat, Jack, Janis, Lori, Elizabeth, Barry and Kate


Treasurer’s Report

Tony was unable to recapture 2 years of checking history but reconciled as much as was possible. 

Winter Race Series income is incomplete at this time.


Janice suggests changing the account to her bank.

The reconciled report for the Frosty Four is presented:

$6511.00 checking

$4100.00 savings

So far the Frosty Four race is $2500 in the black.  But there are still outstanding bills.

The sheriff’s office would like a donation.  It is decided to give 150.00

What are we going to do for Shannon?

BJ was paid $282.00  (reimbursement)

Steenbergen paid $2400.00


Barry brings up novel idea of a working budget.

Tony mentions having revenue forms for race directors to create a budget for each race.


It’s noted that the clock rental has also been a money maker for the club.



Everyone agrees that the ‘07/’08 Winter Race Series was a hit.  Frosty Four was fabulous thanks to Karen’s hard work and creativity.   There is mention of differing opinions as to how the race should be handled.  Karen resigns from the race director position for future Frosty Fours. 



Barry states that there is a local group of high school kids who would like to compete.  LaSalle’s coach would like to know if they are able to use our USATF membership.  Consensus is that this is a good community act.


3/1 West Valley Fun Run?  Should have the registration forms soon

3/15 Shamrock Cup -  Kate and Greg agree to take the equipment to the race.


4/5 MARATHON -  132 presently registered

Marine Corps will bring registrations for the Marine Corps Marathon

7 Brits are registered for the race

Host Families – Anyone want to be a host family for a runner?   Kate and E.T. volunteer.

Next meeting for the marathon is 2/19.

There is a no host breakfast the morning after the race.


Lenore spoke about the Team Dolphin Boston Marathon Fund.  There will be 1local man and 1local woman from the Yakima River Canyon Marathon who will be awarded $400. toward the expenses of racing the Boston Marathon.    More information to follow.


Fun Runs – every Wednesday at 6pm.  Bring a headlamp.  They are now posted on the website.


Scholarship information is now available on the website.


Meeting adjourned 8:20pm again!