February 2009

Minutes of HCT Club Meeting

Membership: We have 163 members.

Gregg Broyles called meeting to order. Members present: Barry James, Stan, Jean Zahn, Karen and, Pat Miller, Sheri, Jack and Janice Carlson, Rory McVey, Frank Purdy, Kate Soldano.

Rory spoke regarding the race:

Shirts are complete, “Fuse” energy drink will be on site. Trophys are ordered. Vaux shoes will provide the gift certificates for overall winners. Culligan water will be on site. The sheriff and AMR have been addressed and are ready to go. It was suggested that a potential sponsor could be HAPO.

OLD BUSINESS: Non-profit to be filed by June 30th. Gregg volunteered to take care of this.

NEW BUSINESS: What about a potential summer race series? Let’s bring this up when Kenn is back.

Kid’s marathon date will be May 15th for kindergarten through 5th grades. More to com

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes by Kate S.