HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 02/5/15

Attendees: Frank Purdy, Richard Betancourt, Gregg Broyles, Jessica Le, Stephanie Jimenez, Andy Alden, Deborah Sugden, and Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy    Meeting Start Time: 7:10PM       Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:55PM

Membership Report:  No membership report.

Treasurer Report: We are running in the black.

News Letter: No report

Face Book: No report

Race Calendar: Not reviewed

Old Business:

Kenn will be working with his web design software for our new web page.

Ron has signs from Sun City at his house for repair.


New Business:  

Heritage College is looking to put on a 5K run with the possible dates of 9/15, 10/24 and 11/7 and Frank says all these dates are clear. Frank suggested that they work with the Farm Workers Clinic, and Indian Health to get the word out. It was suggested to start and stop in the same place to simplify the race. Frank suggested to find a sponsor to help with T-shirt cost if they wanted them. We informed him where to buy ribbons and medallions and we suggested contacting the fire department for medical aid. Andy will check with college for insurance. Andy will plan on a Zombie run if it is in November.

Jessica of PNWU will be putting on a 5K race on April 11th and the race will be held down town and will be called “Run for Your Life”. Jessica has already secured police help. Frank says he will post on our site and Facebook. Jessica was looking for help with timing and Gregg reports we use Rogue Timing Systems out of Oregon for chip timing and also has clock and it cost us about $1500 for the Frosty Four race. We also informed Jessica that we rent out our clock and time machine. Gregg informed Jessica that she can get bibs from Rainbow Racing.

Debbie from People for People is wanting to put on a 5K race on 3/21 to support Meals on Wheels. Debbie reports she has secured the Greenway for a course and it will be a 10AM start. Frank reports Debbie will need to provide staff for registration and the Greenway will mark coarse and set up turn around. Debbie reports she will do T-shirts and the race will be called March for Meals. We suggested Debbie secure volunteers for T-shirt table and food and water table. Frank will post the race on our website and Facebook. Debbie reports she has insurance in place. We advise Debbie to call AMR or Advanced Life Systems for medical support. Debbie will contact the fire department as an option to the above.

Race Updates:

Frosty Four: Gregg reports he still needs help on race day for coarse help. Ron will help with coarse setup and take down and pick up barricades and Gregg will pick up items at Greenway. Gregg reports he has metals, ribbons and hats this year. Gregg was looking for input on who to give the hats to. The possibilities of giving the hats to race winners, volunteers and church members was discussed. Richard will bring the food.  The sheriffs have been secured for major intersections.

Winter Race Series: Frank reports it did well.

The Gap to Gap will be in May.

Clear Lake run date is not set yet.