HCR Club Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 3/2/17
Attendees: Frank Purdy, Richard Bettencourt, Randy Bolong, and Ron Urlacher.
Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy Meeting Start Time: 7:10PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:35 PM
Membership Report: No membership report.
Treasurer Report: Richard provided P&L statements for several races and noted a shift towards losses. The club members discussed reasons that accounted for some of this such as bad weather resulting in lower turn out for both winter race series and frosty four. We also discussed potential ways to move towards more profitable races, and considered charging more and had noted we had not done so for some time. The winter race series did operate in the black.
News Letter: No report
Face Book: No report
Minutes: Minutes were reviewed and approved.
Race Calendar/Equipment Rentals: Was reviewed.
Upcoming races:
• 4/8/17 PNWU 5K
• 3/11/17 St. Patrick’s Day race at LaSalle.
• 4/22/17 St Paul Run
• 4/23/17 See Spot Run
• 5/20 Winery Run
• Gap to Gap
Old Business:
• Frank reports that Mai was able to get one time machine to talk to the computer.

New Business:
Race Updates:
• Frosty Four: The count was down for the race due to weather. Richard announced race and Randy and Heidi helped with the race.
• Canyon Marathon: Frank will be heavily involved in race this year. Frank asked for help and Richard wasn’t sure if he could and would get back with Frank, and Ron could help. Frank will connect with us later with details.
• Gray Rock: Richard reported he entered Gray Rock in the Trail Running trophy series magazine for a cost of $100. Richard noted this was good advertising. The trophy series is a contest for most miles in the series. Richard will get a quote for ambulance service for the race.
• Kids Marathon: Frank noted that Sarah will take a 1 year leave from the kid’s marathon.