Minutes of the HCR Club Meeting

March 3rd 2005 Yakima Athletic Club

Frank Covelli, sitting in for Eric, called the meeting to order at 7:03 P.M. Members present: Frank and Pam Covelli, Tony Sagare, Pat Miller, Stan Helmka, Bob and Lenore Dolphin, Lorrie Smith, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Larry McCaw, Frank Purdy, Barry James, Dave Miskomens Jack and Janis Carlton and guest Tom Taaffe.

Tom Taaffe, representing Habitat For Humanity, was at the meeting to inform the club that their group was in the early stages of planning a 5 or 10k run in the Spring of 2006. He wanted to solicit members to sit on the committee they are forming. Janis Carlton volunteered to be the club contact and be on the committee.

Frank then thanked Larry for being the race director of the Frosty 4 and presented him with a gift certificate. The minutes of the last meeting were then read and accepted.

Treasure’s report: Tony said we had a deficit for the month due to paying out expenses for the Frosty 4.We did show a profit for the race of about $948 with almost all of the bills having been paid. About half of that profit came from sponsorship money. Tony said our club now has 5013-C status which means that any donations made to the club are now tax deductible. Tony updated us on the scholarship fund. We may sponsor a kids Gap to Gap team from this fund.

Membership: We had 4 renew and 6 new members for the month. Total membership stands at 196.

Newsletter: There was a little delay getting the last newsletter out due to waiting for race results and because a copy was sent to all entrants of the Frosty 4. The next newsletter will be out after the LaSalle Lightning run.

Club runs: Check the calendar for club run dates. In April the first run will be the day after the marathon on April 3rd. It will be Pats annual biathlon run. Frank Covelli will bring the clock to the LaSalle run and Tony will see that the time machine gets set up.

Marathon: Bob and Lenore modeled the new marathon shirts ( black with red and white print). Over 275 are currently registered. This being the 5th run they will be doing some special things for those runners that have run in all 5. Bob and Lenore are going to the Boston Marathon race directors workshop. Lenore also revealed the new poster for the marathon. Race sponsors that have donated $500.00 or more in goods, services, or cash are featured on it. Insurance, race ethics, wheeled vehicles on race courses and dogs were discussed.

New business: Pat suggested considering making the Round Mountain portion of the Clear Lake runs a ½ marathon. Tony who has been involved with that race since the beginning and was the race director for most of those years thought it was a good idea. He made the motion that we re-measure the course and make it a true ½ marathon. The motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 7:57 P.M.