March 5 HCR's Club Minutes

Present: Gregg Broyles, Bob and Lenore Dolphin, Jack and Janice Carlson, Rick Becker, Elisabeth Tutsch, Pat Miller, Frank Purdy, Rory McVey


Rick Becker spoke about applying for USA Track and Master Championships to be held in Yakima for 2010. Questions were asked, “How many show up?” “Would we be responsible for the $5,000. required. Or, does USATF come up with the money?” Elisabeth, Kate and Rick Becker will look over the application and report back.

Shamrock Run to be held on 3/14/09.

Jessica Brown, Yakima County “Rev It Up”, will be bringing a speaker from the Pacific NW Sciences to the next meeting to speak.


Rory gives the Final Update on the Frosty Four. All shirts have been dispersed.

Barry updates the group on the Kid’s Marathon slated for Friday, May 15th. There were 252 kids last year. Expectations for this year are 700. Cost was 5.00 last year. The Health District has offer to pay for and deliver the forms this year. Sponsors who give $150.00 will have a spot on the back of the shirt. Steenbergen will do the printing. They will begin in April, after Spring break.

Marathon prep is the 1st week of April. So the next HCR meeting is April 9th.

Subaru is this year’s sponsor. 350 registrants to date.

Meeting Adjourned.