Minutes of HCR Club Meeting 
April 5th 2007
Yakima Athletic Club
Barry called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.Members
present:Barry James, Eric Anderson, Pat and Karen
Miller, Kenn Zahn, Frank Purdy, Elizabeth Tutsch, Jack
and Janis Carlton.
Barry gave a brief update on Tonyís condition.Tony
out of the hospital, home, and went to the pre-meeting
dinner with the group.
This was followed by some lengthy discussion about the
marathon weekend.The minutes were not read but will
be in the newsletter and there was no treasureís
report because Jean was absent.
Pat reported that membership currently stands at 173
and there was some discussion about why the numbers
are down.
The newsletter is a work in progress.The web site
had been updated as of April 4th.†† Having an
electronic newsletter was discussed.We are going to
explore the options.
Social runs:Wednesday speed workouts have picked up
a little with the daylight.E.T. is also looking to
add some social runs that arenít as much work.
New business:Kenn will take the equipment to the See
Spot Run race.Clear Lake registration forms will be
out soon.Eric is almost settled on a hi-tec shirt
for that race too.(The Frosty 4 shirts were
awesome.) RRCA needs to be contacted about insurance
before the race.The Forest Service permit is done. 
Barry got a few volunteers to help him start to
certify our racecourses.The first one will be the
Clear Lake 5 miler.
Meeting adjourned, 8:15 pm.