Minutes of the HCR Club Meeting

April 6th 2006

Yakima Athletic Club

Eric called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. Members present: Eric Anderson, Barry James, Bob and Lenore Dolphin, Tony Sagare, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Pat and Karen Miller, Kenn Zahn, Larry McCaw, Kate Soldano, Elisabeth Tscsuch, Jack and Janis Carlton.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report: The Frosty 4 is not yet finalized. Not a whole lot occurred during the month. The main expenses were for the newsletter and clock batteries. We may have to take some money out of the savings account to cover the scholarship funding. We have on file a copy of form 990-EZ. The Organization Exempt From Income Tax form. We did not have to file with the IRS but we have the info. available if necessary.

Tony informed the club that he will be stepping down as club Treasurer and marathon registrar. It could be a ploy for higher pay. Shannon Moyer has agreed to keep the club computer and equipment, which was another of Tony’s duties.

Membership: We had 2 new members for the month. Total membership stands at 198.

Club runs: Two coming up. April 23rd and May 7th. Check the calendar.

New Business: Youth Olympics, April 8th. Barry will take the small clock.

See Spot Run, April 30th. Kenn will bring the big clock.

Clear Lake:Eric is updating the registration form. He will also check shirt prices.

Scholarship update: We have 3 or 4 applications in. Kenn is going to get the word out that time is running short.

Police Athletic League run. May 6th at Franklin Park. It will be a 5K

West Valley Community Days run. Saturday July 22nd at West Valley Community Park plaza.

Marathon: Lenore said we had 391 starters and 386 finishers. The Fifty-Staters club members will pass the word on about our race to their members. Next year it will be a reunion race for the Marathon Maniacs. We had a new course record for the female division. Mary Hanna became the first woman to break 3 hours at our race. Lenore thanked everyone present for a great team effort. Next years race is March 31st and John "The Penguin’ Bingham a columnist for Runners World will be the guest speaker/runner.

Meeting adjourned: 8:05 P.M. Respectfully Submitted, Jack Carlton