HCR Club Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 4/6/17
Attendees: Frank Purdy, Gregg Broyles, Randy Bolong, Brian Paul and Ron Urlacher.
Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy Meeting Start Time: 7:00PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:45 PM
Membership Report: No membership report.
Treasurer Report: Frank reported on behalf of Richard that we are in the black.
Face Book: No report
Minutes: Minutes were reviewed and approved.
Race Calendar/Equipment Rentals: Was reviewed.
Upcoming races:
• 4/8/17 PNWU 5K
• 4/22/17 St Paul Run
• 4/23/17 See Spot Run
• 5/13 Leadership Yakima (small clock)
• 5/13/17 Zillah Community days (large clock)
• 5/20 Winery Run
• 6/3 and 6/4/17 Gap to Gap
• 6/11 Clear Lake run
Old Business:
New Business: Gregg suggested we update our website as it has some old information. Gregg to contact Kenn to see if he can help us with that.
Race Updates:
• Canyon Marathon: Frank reported that numbers slightly down for marathon but half marathon sold out at 200. Frank thinks they should use online registration to get numbers up. Frank reported we lost one honey bucket down into the canyon. Not sure if vandals or someone hit it. The railroad picked it up.
• Kids Marathon: Frank noted that Sarah will take a 1 year leave from the kid’s marathon.
• Clear lake Run: Brian reports that the registration is on our website and kiosks are full of flyers. Frank reported that they are right on the front desk at the YMCA. Brian reports that he is not sure if we need to pay forest service this year but is checking into it. Possible fee of $100. Brian says there is a lot of snow still up on South Tieton road and so won’t be able to survey the coarse conditions for another month. Brian reminded us that there is no pancake breakfast this year. Brian reports that there will be an adult retreat up there at the same time so parking may be tight down by lodge, but we should be ok since we park primarily on the road. Brian also noted that the fishing derby is the same weekend. Gregg will get the additional insurance. Frank reports he is out of town this year. Ron said he could make it. Brian reminded us that no same day registration and will post that on Face Book. Brian will check with Joseph to see if he can time race, and Frank will check with Mai to see if she can time also.