Minutes of the HCR Club Meeting

April 7th 2005 - Yakima Athletic Club

Eric called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. Members present, Eric Anderson, Tony Sagare, Larry McCaw, Stan Helmka, Bon and Lenore Dolphin, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Kenn Zahn, Pat Miller, Frank Covelli, Jack and Janis Carlton and guest Jeanne Olney and Frank Villaneva.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as posted on the web site.

Frank Villaneva was at the meeting representing the Boy Scouts of America. They are interested in hosting a run sponsored by the B.S. A. Frank said they are willing to raise the money but are looking for an event director. He and club members shared some ideas. When he gets something more concrete he will come back and see what areas the club could help out in.

Treasurerís report: Tony said there wasnít much activity for the month and that we had a slight deficit. We have filed form 990 for non-profit status, which will make donations to the club tax deductible. We will also have to file with the IRS now.

Membership: We had 6 new members for the month and total membership stands at 202. This months new members were not posted in the newsletter but will be next month.

Newsletter: The March edition has been distributed. April is a work in progress and will have much news about the marathon.

Social Runs: Pat said they have been having fun! After the run at Patsí house they had the quarterly drawing. Jen Goodpaster was the winner. Get to a run to get your name in for the next drawing. Check the schedule for upcoming runs.

New Business: Kenn reported on what the scholarship committee was doing. The requirements for applying were discussed. The committee members agreed to meet to get them firmed up before the next meeting.

Clear Lake: The runs will be 5 miles and a Ĺ marathon. Eric and Tony are working on a new entry form.

Eric is going to check into the adopt a highway program. As a club we are thinking of adopting a portion of the Canyon marathon course.

Tony suggested we need a computer/printer upgrade.

Kenn found some old outdated club equipment in his garage and it was decided that he should try and sell the items at his yard sale. Any monies made will be put in the scholarship fund.

Old business: Lenore read a letter from a very happy and satisfied runner.

Meeting adjourned. 8:10 P.M. Jack Carlton