HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 4/7/2011

Attendees: Eric Anderson, Greg Broyles, Richard Bentancourt, Barry James, Frank Purdy, Ron Urlahcer, Stan Helmka, Bob Dolphin, and Heidi Bolong.

Meeting lead by: Greg Broyles  Meeting Start Time: 7:10 PM      Meeting Adjourn Time: 8:30 PM

Membership Report:

It was reported that we currently have 181 members with 9 new members.

Treasurer Report: Richard provided positive balances in the club’s checking, savings, and Kids Marathon accounts.  He stated that we are financially sound. 

Old Business: It was noted that Pat Miller is posting event information on our Face Book account. If anyone has any information then please forward it to Pat and he will get it posted.

New Business:

Davis Band Booster Club

Heidi Bolong wants to do a race to support the Davis high school band and the race will have a pirate theme. She is requesting support from the club in the form of clocks, time stamp and other equipment. The race will be a 5K/10K run and the Green Way was suggested for the course. The date for the race is tentatively 9/17. 

We discussed combining the YRCM account with the HCR account for book keeping purposes but this combined account could change the status of our club. We will be gathering more information and data for further discussion.

 We discussed a possible name change for our club and the thinking was the name was intimidating and hard to “Google”.

Barry James talked about adding a couching component to the club to help people get started and interested.

Richard offered the idea of adding running and gear tips on the web site.

Race Updates:

White Swan

No new.

Yakima River Canyon Marathon

Bob Dolphin presented a report on the race. There were 486 finishers and the weather was nice but wind was a definite factor. The overall winning runner was Mj Engles of Coos Bay Oregon with a time of 2:41:22. The first female across the line was Rhea George of Seattle Washington with a time of 3:08:52.

There were 486 runners and walkers who finished the marathon and two wheelchair participants for a total of 488.  Tim Clark of Puyallup broke Jerry Martin's wheelchair record by completing the course in 1:44:13.  With a time of 2:41:22 Chuck Engle of Colorado Springs, CO, this year's winner, has a new course record for men in the 40-44 age group.  Larry Carroll, from Spokane broke his own course record in the 70-74M group with a time of 3:44:42.  In the women's 50-54 age group Regina Joyce of Lynnwood set a new course record with a 3:21:13.  We set another kind of record by having 325 people attend the pasta feed on Friday night, April 1st, when Dick Beardsley was our guest speaker for the third time.


It was another very successful weekend of events.......and the Leukemia/Lymphoma Team in Training group had a great reunion at our race.