HCR Meeting  May 1, 2008


Members present:  Greg Broyles, Stan Helmka, Eric Anderson, Pat and Karen Miller, Jack and Janis Carlton, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Elizabeth Tutsch, Kate Soldano



Treasurer’s Report:  We are in the black.  Savings balance is $4,146.17 and checking is $4,454.11 as of 4/24/08.


Membership – 181 members


See Spot Run: There were 246 runners.


Question comes up regarding who bills for the use of the clock?  No one seemed to know the answer.  This needs to be addressed with Barry.



Zillah 5k and 10K is May 10th.  Carol Stuhley to take care of the equipment.


The issue of a PDF or mailbox drew conversation once again.  It was moved and seconded to put an email inquiry in the newsletter for public opinion.


Jeff Hashimoto has decided to put on a race next year rather than this year.


People asked if we should have a moonlight run this year.  Karen came up with some dates, June 18th, July 18th or August 16th.  It was suggested that this be part of the club social runs. 

Summer Solstice run to be on the 18th.   Member to check into trolleys. 


It was mentioned that some of the sponsors were left off the sponsor board at the marathon.  There was discussion regarding how to handle these sponsors to ensure goodwill. 


Janis brought up possible compensation to volunteers for fuel while they are doing HCR business.  Lots of talk and to be continued……..


July 6th  We need volunteers for “The Runner Stumbles”. 


May 7th, Wednesday at 6:30pm, members to review scholarship applications.

Meeting Adjourned!