Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

May 3rd, 2007††† Yakima Athletic Club

Barry called the meeting to order at 7:12 PM.Members

present, Barry James, Pat and Karen Miler, Kenn and

Jean Zahn, Tony Sagare, Eric Anderson, Jean Flores,

Jack and Janis Carlton.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as

posted on the web site.

Treasurerís report:Not much information was given

but we are still solvent.

Membership:We had 3 new members for the month.

Newsletter:Aprils newsletter is ready to be mailed

out and Frank is going to email Barry when he has more

info on the May issue.The website has been updated

as of 5/1/07.Running reminders have been emailed.

Club runs:Beat the trolley run is set for June 21st.

Information is on the website.A moonlight full moon

run may be in the works for July.Wednesday speed

workouts continue.

New business: Upcoming runs were discussed.As well

as who will handle the equipment for those runs. 

Course certification of the Clear Lake runs is not

going to happen before this yearís race.It is still

on the agenda for this summer.Eric has everything

under control so far.Entry forms will be mailed


Kenn talked about our scholarship program.We have

only a few applicants so far.He will get all info to

committee members and schedule a meeting to select the


Meeting adjourned, 8:02 PM.Respectfully submitted,

Jack Carlton