HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 5/3/12

Attendees: Gregg Broyles,  Randy Bolong, Richard Betancourt, Barry James,  Kenn Zahn, Eric Anderson, Frank Purdy, Bob Dolphin, Brian Paul, Steven Martinez and  Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Greg Broyles  Meeting Start Time: 7:05PM       Meeting Adjourn Time: 8:02 PM

Membership Report:  123 members have renewed for 2012. Rory may have some from Frosty Four that haven’t been turned in yet.

Treasurer Report: We are running in the black and on par with last year.

News Letter Report: Frank will get it done next week. We are looking at getting Frank some help with the news letter, and Randy offered to help.

Old Business: Web Master: No discussion

Chip Timing: We are considering using Ike’s timing system and will try to test it out for the Clear Lake run. Probable issues would be conflicts with their schedule in cross country and track seasons.

Scholarship Update: kenn reports that there are more applicants this year and they will be finishing up the selection process soon.

USATF Membership: Not applied for yet. The group discussed the need for course certification since it has already been certified in the past and the course has not changed.

Summer run and social event: No further discussion.

New Business:

Race Updates:

Upper Valley Rally: This event will be on July 21st. We are still working on setting the 5K course and adding a 1 mile course. The one mile coarse will be a point to point race. It was noted that this is the same day as another 5k race.

“C” Spot Run: Barry reported it is scheduled for 4/29 and still need some help.

Clear Lake Run: Scheduled for 6/10. There are 26 registered for the 5K and 8 registered for the half marathon so far. Brian reported that there will be a breakfast but still not sure if lodge will be available for the breakfast. Brian is working on awards and still needs some volunteers.

Medex Run: The race director is Steven Martinez and is scheduled for 5/26. Steven will be using the YAC course from the winter series and will have an 8AM start. He is in the process of ordering T-shirts. We discussed details of coarse help and markings.

Kids Marathon: Is scheduled for 6/9.

Canyon Marathon: Bob Dolphin reported there were 614 registered for the race with 535 finishers. Bob reported that Lenore did a great job as usual directing the race and all went well. Bob reported he did his 500th marathon this year and is working towards running 10 marathons in various states to complete having run a marathon in all 50 states, wow congratulations Bob.

Gray Rock: Eric reports That Brian Paul will have 6 HAM operators at the race strategically located for coarse support. Eric will present all runners with an aluminum water bottle with the coarse map printed on it. Eric is still considering having placement awards and is working on food for the race.