Minutes of the HCR Club Meeting

May 5th 2005Cinco De Mayo

Yakima Athletic Club

Eric called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Members present: Eric Anderson, Shannon Moyer, Tony Sagare, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Larry McCaw, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Pat and Karen Miller, Barry James, Jack and Janis Carlton.

Eric introduced Shannon, who is a computer technician. She showed the members present a lap top computer that might be a model that would be good for the club. There was some good discussion and a lot of interest shown. Shannon is going to get some more information on the warranty it comes with and an extended warranty before we make the decision.

The minutes were accepted as posted on the web site.

Treasures’s report: We only had paid outs for the month and no income. Major expenses were for repair of a time machine, fun run activities, newsletter, and Clear Lake expenses. Tony presented a Marathon budget balance from Terry Cliett. All bills have not been paid yet but it looks like we will make about $2000.00 after all is said and done. We are now going to have to file an income tax return since we had income of over $25,000.00 for the fiscal year.

Membership: One new member for the month. Total membership stands at 204.

Newsletter: The April newsletter is out. Kenn raised some concern about the quality of the pictures in the last newsletter. Just be aware it wasn’t because of Kenn’s photographic abilities. The May running reminders have been e-mailed. The web site and calendar were updated as of May 1st.

Club runs: Pat said there were about 15 people at the Las Margarita’s run and 12 to 15 at the run from the Zahn’s home. Check the calendar for future runs. There are still a few dates open for hosting a run. Host get 3 entries for the quarterly drawing. The next drawing is in August at the Klosters cabin and it will be for a Gartman G.P.S. They are very cool.

New/Old business: May 14th is the cut off date for scholarship applicants. Recipients will be announced by the 24th. The committee will meet Sunday May 15 to review the applications.

Clear Lake: Lots of prep work going on. Eric has secured a 5 year permit for the run from the Forest Service.

The See Spot Run race was a success. Everyone seemed to have a good time. There were about 180 runners. Club members took the big hardware. Barry James and Meredith Crane were the overall winners without dogs. Richard O’Brien and Carol Stuley’s dogs came in first dragging them close behind.

Meeting adjourned 8:03 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton