HCR Club Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 5/5/2011
Attendees: Greg Broyles, Richard Bentancourt, Barry James, Frank Purdy, Kenn Zahn, Brian Paul, Brad Vaux, and Ron Urlahcer.,
Meeting lead by: Greg Broyles Meeting Start Time: 7:05 PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 8:10PM
Membership Report:
It was reported that we currently have 183 members with 1 new member..
Treasurer Report: Richard provided positive balances in the club’s checking, savings, and Kids Marathon accounts. He stated that we are financially sound.
Old Business:
• Taxes: See new business
• Social Runs and Speed Work Outs: See new business
New Business:
• Taxes: Currently YRCM and HCR income and expenses are separate. Further discussion of the ramifications of combining the accounts took place and the decision was made to file for an extension while we further study it.
• Franklin Park Speed Work Out: We still do not have confirmation for a work out sponsor.
• Frank suggest every week run at same time would be good.
• We discussed taking turns hosting Saturday run. Frank looks for committee to organize Saturday runs.
• Scholarship Committee Update: Kenn reported we only had 3 applicants this year and unfortunately one on them did not meet initials qualifications. We discussed not having the scholarship next year due to low numbers. The previous year had 12 applicants. No decision was made. Award of this year’s scholarships will be at the June meeting.
• Brad attended the meeting and we discussed our clubs name. Brad reports that some people that he has heard from in his store are turned off by the club name. Brad suggest people are intiminated “Hard Core” thinking we are an elite club. Frank suggests we can soften name with slogan and current logo already works in that direction. We discussed club numbers and concluded we have been around the 200 mark for many years.
Race Updates:
• Clear Lake: Brian reports few details left. All permits in place. Brian reports 18 registered for the 5 mile run while 5 are registered for the half marathon. More registrations expected as the race gets closer.Brian looking for items for drawing. Greg suggested Liberty for water bottle donation. We discussed if we should have finishing ribbons for all, if this was our tradition or not.
• Gray Rock: Coming along and all permits in place.
• Yakima Half Marathon: Rory and Greg will be working this one and it is set for July 24th. Greg reported The sports commission will be doing the permits.
• White Swan: No update.
• Kids Marathon: Race is set for October 1st at Sarge Hubbard Park.
• Kids Run: The HCR sponsored kids run is set for May 20th on a 1 mile course.