Minutes of HCR Club Meeting
May 7th 2009
Yakima Athletic Club

Members present: Greg Broyles, Pat and Karen Miller, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Frank Purdy, Gailon Gentry, Jack and Janis Carlton.

Kate was absent so the minutes of the last meeting were accepted as printed in the newsletter.

Newsletter: “A work in progress”, haven’t we heard that one before? Frank said that the next one would be out before the Clear Lake run.

Treasurer’s report: Not much going on. We are in the black and healthy financially.

Membership: 175 paid members.

New Business: Clear Lake entries are out. The races are June 7th. The permits are almost all in place. 15 entries have been received and as always, volunteers are needed.

Grey Rock runs: Everything is pretty much in place except for the food situation. Gailon is still working that out.

A motion was made and seconded that we as a club become a Greenway member at the $300.00 level. The motion passed. Eric is going to talk to the Greenway committee about us possibly getting some storage out of it for our equipment.

Scholarships: There are 8 applicants so far. The committee will meet Wed. and make a decision.

Volunteers are needed to take the clock to the Selah Days race, Gap to Gap, and White Salmon.

Meeting adjourned around 8PM. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton