HCR Club Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 6/2/2011
Attendees: Greg Broyles, , Barry James, Frank Purdy, Kenn Zenn, Brian Paul, Eric Anderson, and Ron Urlacher.
Meeting lead by: Greg Broyles Meeting Start Time: 7:05 PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 8:05PM
Membership Report:
It was reported that we currently have 188 members with 7 new members.
Treasurer Report: Greg in Richards’s absence reported we are solvent and added a deposit from the clear lake run and will be making another deposit tomorrow.
Old Business:
• Taxes: The extension was filed for and no other updates.
• Social Runs and Speed Work Outs: the Speed work outs will be hosted by Greg and 2 others. We will have a social run on June 8th at Franklin Park starting at 6PM. Ongoing weekly social runs still to be determined for where, and what day of the week.
• Name Change: No update
New Business:
• Congraulations to Loren Brewington who was presented by Kenn with this year’s scholarship at the club meeting. Loren will be attending Eastern Washington University.
• Clara Bentancourt is now in charge of club membership.
Race Updates:
• Clear Lake: Brian reports everything falling in place but still needs some volunteers. Brian suggested getting the civil air patrol to volunteer and they could provide radio communication around the course. These volunteers all trained in basic first aid and CPR. Brian reports a total of 167 registered runners with 144 of them for the 5 miler and 23 for the half marathon. Ron to bring extra 100 foot cord and Brian will be purchasing a few tables for the event. Coke will be providing Power Aid for the race. Hooded sweat shirts will be for sale at the race.
• Gray Rock: Eric reports the aid stations are covered and all permits in place. 20 participants are currently registered. Eric still working on race end food choices. Eric reports that next year the DNR will require a discover pass per vehicle to use this area. The cost is $10 a day or a $30 annual pass. Eric suggests next year we could put this on the registration form and the passes could optionally be paid for by sending extra money in with the registration and we could obtain the passes for them.
• Yakima Half Marathon: No update.
• White Swan: No update.
• Kids Marathon: No update
• Kids Run: Barry reported the HCR sponsored kids run, at the Kidding Around event at the Greenway, was on May 20th on a 1 mile course. All went well and he had good participation.
• Gap to Gap: Greg reported he will be setting up the HCR clocks for this weekend’s race. It was noted that the river portion of the race may be canceled due to high swift water conditions.