Minutes of HCR Club Meeting†††††††††††† 
June 7th 2007†† Yakima Athletic Club
Barry called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.Members
present:Barry James Gailon Gentry, Kenn Zahn,
Elizabeth Tutsch, Pat and Karen Miller, Frank Purdy,
Shannon Moyer, Jeff Hagen, Jack Carlton.
Barry opened the meeting by thanking Shannon for her
computer work at the Marathon and other races.It was
proposed to put a plea out for someone who is computer
savvy to step up and be trained by Shannon to be here
back up.Barry also proposed that we look at our
rental agreements to see if we need to adjust
The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as
posted on the web site.
No treasurerís report.But we are solvent.
Membership:We now stand at 188 members.Sending
reminder notices out with a newsletter seems to have
Newsletter:It has been mailed.You should have
received your copy by June 5th.Running reminders are
up to date.Web site has been updated as of June 3rd.
Gailon was present to give us info on the Grey Rock
Trail Run.They have plenty of volunteers.They just
need a lot of runners.There are lots of fallen trees
on the trail right now but they will be cleared by
race day.
Club runs:Intervals have been switched from Wed. to
Tue. At 6 P.M.There will be a summer solstice run. 
No trolley but another plan has been made.Karen is
working on a full moon run in July.
New business:Most had already been discussed.Kenn
received an email from Zachary Liedke thanking us for
awarding him the club scholarship.He will be running
track and cross country at the University of Great
The female recipient did not meet eligibility
requirements, as she will not be running in college. 
The committee will soon decide weather or not to award
the scholarship to the runner up.
Elizabeth is going to check into our non-profit
Meeting adjourned 8:05 PM


Submitted by Jack Carlton