Minutes of the HCR Club meeting
July 5, 2007
Filling in for Master Secretary Jack Carlton is his
little sidekick and playmate, Janis, also known to
most of the western world as his wife. An easy job it
ain’t, but here goes:
Barry called the meeting to order at 7:10 Members
present: Barry James, Head WhoHa, Gailon Gentry, Pat
and Karen Miller, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Jeff Hagen, Bob
Dolphin, Eric Anderson, Jean Flores, Tony Sagare, and
Lorrie Smith Queen of the Sun City ˝ and 5K.
Minutes accepted as stated,,yada yada, yada
Treasurer Report: We are extremely solvent, Eric
busted a move and cleared 1000.00 from the Clear Lake
Run, it helped charging non running campers 20.00 lazy
Tony said checking had 2522.00 and about 4K in
savings….that board meeting in Hawaii is really taking
Tax issue…..Tony will let us know
Robert Jim donated 30.00 on top of the clock rental
and renewal dues, what a nice guy.
Membership report: 197 strong, well most are strong…
Club Social Run: Wed. group thinking of rolling ( I
thought they were runners) into Donna Nettleship’s
Tuesday group that meet at 7 P.M. at Selah Middle
July 27th is the first annual Full Moon Run (clothing
optional) at Sarge Hubbard, bring snacks, meet at
8:30, run begins at 8:45 PM.. This is going to be
classic and a lot of fun.Note taken that this is NOT a
race, but a FUN run. Looking forward to this!!
We, the club, will be 30 years young this Nov. be
thinking of something fun and special to mark this
Gailon spoke of Gray Rock run, 30 entrants, this is
not for the weak in spirit,Gaylon will pick up
equipment, Tony will look into insurance on equipment.
New Business: Possible gratis race entry for one HCR
club race for those who volunteer for one race.
Motioned called, recinded, back on floor, agreed a
good thing, Seriously I lost track where this is, stay
toned for next meeting on this one.
Certifies Course: committee formed and ready to tackle
this job..Bless your hearts
Sun City: Lorrie said entries ready for printing the
end of August, course certification pending
Bob Dolphin reported Lenore to go into hospital for
by- pass surgery; we wish her a speedy recovery our
thought and prayers are with you both. Bob also
mentioned a marathon fund; this needs some looking
into for tax status.
We laughed, we sealed newsletters, and we go the heck
out of there at 8:35 PM