Minutes HCR Club meeting

July 6th 2006 Ė Yakima Athletic Club

Eric called the meeting to order a 7:03 P.M. Members present: Eric Anderson, Barry James, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Pat and Karen Miller, Bob and Lenore Dolphin, Elizabeth Tutsch, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Tony Sagare, Jean Flores, Jack and Janis Carlton.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as posted on the web site.

Membership: Virginia said we had 2 new members for the month and total membership stands at 205.

Treasurerís report: Tony said we had a positive cash flow for the month. Major expenses and income for the month were from the Clear Lake runs. Tony also said that the Clear Lake runs made a profit of $667 with only one small bill outstanding. Way to go Eric!

Newsletter: Was done and ready to go at meeting time.

Club runs: Going nicely. Check the calendar for upcoming runs. The next one is Wednesday July 19th 6 p.m. at Franklin Park.

New Business: We went over upcoming races. Pat is going to look into purchasing a tarp for the club. It was decided to make the make the annual fun run at the Klosterís an early morning run with a breakfast to follow. Provided of course that this is ok with the Klosters. There should be an update on this on the web site and the next newsletter.

Old Business: Runner Stumbles. Barry took the clock up to the Runner Stumbles race in Cle Elum. Thanks Barry. Bill was applauded for saving a little kid from putting his hand on a hot grill at the pancake breakfast following the run. Way to go Bill.

Kiutus Jim Run: There were several runners from the club there. It was HOT. The top prize in the after the race drawing was an air conditioner. COOL! Pat said "If your patience holds out you canít leave there without a prize". If youíve ever done that race you know what heís talking about. If you havenít, you should.

Trolley run July 21st was a hit. Good idea Elizabeth!

Marathon: Tuesday Sept. 19th will be the first committee meeting. The State Patrol, and the truck rental bills are still not in so the books are not yet closed from last year. Final tallies should be in next month.

Karen has taken over the reignís as the coordinator for shirt ordering. She will soon be putting in an order for club shirts that may include womenís sleeveless V neck shirts and sweatshirts. Believe it or not we will be needing those soon.

A race director is needed for the Frosty 4 run as Larry is slowly cutting back on his club duties.

Meeting adjourned: 7:52 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton