HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 7/8/2011

Attendees: Greg Broyles, , Barry James, Frank Purdy, Brian Paul, Eric Anderson, and Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Greg Broyles  Meeting Start Time: 7:07 PM      Meeting Adjourn Time: 8:20PM

Membership Report: It was reported that we currently have 188 members with 10 new members.

Treasurer Report: Richard reported we are solvent and near last year’s figures.

Old Business: 

·         Taxes: No updates

·         Social Runs: Greg reported that the Wednesday night runs are working well with fair participation. We are getting approximately 10 runners weekly for speed work out and a 5 mile run. Greg reports a few paces are represented.

·         Name Change: No update

New Business:

·         We had a discussion on changing the policies for late membership sign up, but decided to stay with the old policies.

·         We had a discussion on race refunds and decided it doesn’t happen very often and therefore no need for a formal policy. It was suggested the policy be printed on the sign up form.

·         We had a discussion on a mileage charge for clock delivery. It was suggested that we use the IRS rate of .51$ per mile.


Race Updates:

·         Clear Lake: Brian reported we had 39 half marathon runners and 225 fivemile runners. Brian reports all in all things went well but suggest we solicit more volunteers next year. Brian reports we ran out of metals and will have some extra next year. Brain says he would like to be the race director next year.

·         Gray Rock: Eric reports that there are 70 pre registered participants and the numbers split between the 3 distances.  Eric reports the West Valley fire department will volunteer for EMT services and will be equipped with 4X4 rigs. The food will be supplied by Elporton  and the aid station volunteers are in place.

·         Moxee Hop Festival: It was reported that East Valleys Katrina Radach will be directing the race as a senior project.