Minutes of the HCR Club Meeting


July 10th 2003 - Yakima Athletic Club


Jean called the meeting to order at 7:03 P.M. Members present, Jean

Flores, Ken and Jean Zahn, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Eric Anderson,

Tony Sagare, Jack and Janis Carlton, and guest Debbie and Mike Van



New Business: Debbie and Mike were in attendance to get some input on

their Highland Fun Run. They discussed clock rental, race numbers, and

entry form distribution.


The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.


Treasurerís report: Tony reported a net gain for the month and that all

accounts have healthy balances. The Clear Lake runs netted a profit of

about $340.00 without any sponsorship. Tony thanked all members for

supporting the run. There was some discussion concerning YRCM finances.


Membership report: Virginia reported 4 new members in June, 8 renewed

and 8 were retired. Total membership stands at 206. Seven memberships are

due in July and 9 in August.


Club Runs: The runs are set through Sept. 21, which will be our first run

back on our Sunday afternoon schedule. Check the calendar for dates and



Old Business: Even though the Clear Lake races were profitable attendance

was down somewhat this year. Bill and Eric did a great job with the parking.

Everyone co-operated nicely and we didnít get any complaints.


Pat Miller will take the equipment to the Whisky Dick Triathlon We still

donít have a race director for the Sun City races so some things are going to

start being done by committee. Kenn is going to get the entry forms started,

Tony will get the County permits, and Jean, B. J. and Janis are going to

work on t-shirt design.


Meeting adjourned 8:20 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton