Hard Core Runners Club Meeting Notes – July 10, 2014

President Frank Purdy called the meeting to order.

Welcome to Drew Schreiber and his parents.  Drew is one of our 2014-2015 HCR’s Club Scholarship recipients.  We had an enjoyable time talking with Drew to hear about his accomplishments and his future goals.  Best to Drew at the University of Washington.

In addition, present were Jeff & Joyce Haggen, Eric Anderson, Randy Bolong, Sarah James, Richard Bentancourt, and Kenn Zahn.

The minutes of the June meeting will be posted to the web site as soon as received.

Richard presented printouts of our treasury showing it is in the black for our accounts of the checking, savings and Kid’s Marathon.

Clear Lake race is in the black with a couple bills to be paid.  A short discussion was heard of what happened with the results, which are being recovered to the best they can and what needs to be done to correct for next year.

The newsletter is a work in progress.

Sarah James presented a recap and goals for the Kid’s Marathon.  (See attached files for the club’s records).    21 schools with 150+ kids and parents participated.  She asked for critique and feedback from the parents and has compiled the results.  For next year;  try to get more kids, lower income families, involved, have on-line registration, have the registration fees adjusted to make the shirt optional and obtain additional sponsors/grants.

All the board members gave her a ‘well done’ for a great events.

Eric Anderson, race director for Gray Rock race, brought us up to date on the status of the race for July 12.  All is ready, about 95 have registered for the 50K, 25K & 12K races.

Eric has purchased a new propane stove for the club which will be in storage.  It is available for Gray Rock, Winter Race Series and as needed.  A propane bottle will need to be obtained.

Frank discussed the race calendar-finish line equipment needs for the month of September.

The club needs to have several trained to use the computer for race entries/results program.  A couple individuals have indicated they will do so, but several more are needed.

The club’s web site needs to be updated with a modern design.  Web master Kenn says he has a general design in mind, but the 20 year old computer web authoring program does not work well with modern computers.  The club has voted and authorized him to purchase a new web authoring program to revise the club’s web site.

Kenn asked if anyone as about 4 old farm plow disc, 12-16 inch diameter size.  They would be used to make base plates for our finish line chutes.  It was suggest to put a query out on our web site and Facebook pages.

Thank You to Brian Paul & Kenn for the cleanup of the club’s storage area.

Next meeting will be on August 7th. 

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Kenn Zahn