HCR Club Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 8/1/13
Attendees: Frank Purdy, Kate Soldano, Randy Bolong, Eric Anderson and Ron Urlacher.
Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy Meeting Start Time: 7:05PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 8:03PM
Membership Report: No membership report.
Treasurer Report: No Treasurer report
News Letter: No report
Old Business: Greenway storage area needs cleaned up. Kenn to coordinate.

New Business:
• The Greenway fundraiser race was named Fun to Foot, and the details of the race will be set soon.
• Summer runs are going well with lots of young people.
• Greg suggest new club clothing and suggest picked by committee.
Race Updates:
Gray Rock: Eric reports the race went well and with a net profit. Eric reports there were no sponsorships for this race. Eric had 22 volunteers and the HAM radio operators were there for coarse communications. Eric reports the 12K coarse had a new record set by Chelsea VanDeBrake with a time of 1:03. Andy of the Harold Republic photographed the race. Eric is trying to grow the race to maximize the permit limit of 150. The food worked out well as opposed to last year. Eric is considering changing the start times to a little earlier to beat the heat, and the proposed times are 50K 7am, 25K 8am, and 12K 8:30am. The race was advertised in Ultra Runner, NW Runner, and local kiosks.
Sun City: The race directors are Kate Soldano and Sarah James. The race is set for October 13th. Kate reports they need volunteers. Eric suggests advertising on Active.com and Frank suggests putting it on Face book.