Minutes of HCR Club Meeting
August 2nd  Yakima Athletic Club
Barry called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.  Members
present: Barry James Pat and Karen Miller, Kenn Zahn,
Bob Dolphin, Gailon Gentry, Jean Flores, Elizabeth
Tsutch, Jack and Janis Carlton.
The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as
posted on the web site.
Bob gave a detailed update on Lenore’s condition. 
She’s home recovering from triple bypass heart surgery
and doing as well as can be expected.  
Treasure’s report:  Jean gave an account of the status
of our checking and savings accounts and also shared
some tax information with us.
Membership:  We currently have 198 members.
Newsletter:  The August edition is done and ready to
be mailed out.  Eric is working on the running
reminders.  The web site has been updated as of August
Club runs:  The moonlight run had a good turnout. 
There were about 10 runners who enjoyed a nice, dark
toward the end run, and some good munchies afterward.
New business:  Gailon thanked the club for the support
at the Grey Rock 50K.  There were 44 runners this
year.  It was a hot day and Gailon said there were
some fairly serious heat issues, which will be
addressed at next years race. 
The certification committee, after a lot of hard work,
has certified the Sun City 5k course.  We have
accumulated quite a supply of course certification
supplies and Barry said he is going to do and
inventory of all club supplies.  
Old business:  Brittney Sanchez is our female
scholarship recipient.  
Meeting adjourned 7:47 pm.  Way to go Barry!