HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 8/4/2011

Attendees: Barry James, Frank Purdy, Eric Anderson, Richard Bentancourt, Kenn Zahn, Tony Monroe, and Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Richard Bentancourt  Meeting Start Time: 7:05 PM      Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:55PM

Membership Report: It was reported that we currently have 198.

Treasurer Report: Richard reported we are solvent and near last year’s figures. Richard reported that $5000 will be set aside for equipment replacement.

Old Business: 

·         Taxes: Richard reports taxes will be filed next week.

·         Social Runs: No update

·         Name Change: No update

·         Equipment Delivery Mileage Charge: No further discussion.

New Business:

·         The possibility of using time chips was brought up and we decided to defer the discussion until next meeting.

·         It was reported we had many inquiries at our booth at the PNWU with over 40 membership application forms taken thanks to Bills outstanding representation.

·         PNWU has a standing Saturday morning run that we will put on our website and all are welcome.

·         Kenn reports he BJ will be moving in the near future and we will need someone to fill his shoes as the web master. Thank you Kenn for your many years of service.

·         It was discussed and agreed that we would make a $300.00 donation to the Green Way as they have been great to work with.

·         The equipment rental calendar was reviewed for accuracy.

Race Updates:

·         Gray Rock: Eric reported that the race went very good and we had good weather. We had a total of 61 run the race. Eric will do  write up for the Ultra Marathon Magazine with the 50k results. The shorter races do not qualify. There was plenty to eat for all and the food from Elporton was good. Eric reports we had a positive  cash flow for the race and we had no sponsor for the race. Eric suggest we start organizing sooner next year and suggests January. They changed the coarse this year and stayed on top of the ridge and it worked well. Eric suggest we do this next year also.

·         Clear Lake: It was reported that the race broke even.