HCR Club Meeting Minutes: August 5, 2010


Members Present: Kenn and BJ Zahn, Shannon Moyer, Mark Roy, Kate Soldano, Richard Betancourt and Barry James.


Gregg Broyles and Elisabeth Tutsch were absent so Barry led the meeting.


Barry called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


Treasurer Report: Richard provided positive balances in the club’s checking, savings, and Kids Marathon accounts.  He stated that we are financially sound.  Richard filed an extension for taxes and used the 5013c application.  Gregg filed nonprofit status with the state.


Race Timing: As HCR’s race participant numbers continue to increase, Shannon stated that more volunteers are needed to learn computer skills to operate timing equipment for our races.  It was discussed that nonrunners with computer expertise would be great recruits as runners would prefer to race at the events. 


Shannon also stated that she would be open to having chip timing at our races.  Regardless of the system chosen (whether current computer system or chip timing), she said that more folks are needed to learn the how to operate the finish area.


Barry said that he would touch-base with Eric Greager with the Three-Rivers Road Runners Club regarding its race timing operations.


Race Updates:           

1. Clear Lake: needs a director.  Eric Anderson, former Clear Lake race director, will be taking over the Grey Rock Trail Races.


2. Moxee Hop Fest: Mark Roy picked up race equipment from Barry.  Mark hopes that the East Valley track program will be able to take over race planning next year.


3. Sun City: Kate and Barry said that preparations for this year’s Sun City (October 10) are progressing well.  Registration forms are not ready but will be available soon.  Kenn has had some requests for information.  He will post an information page on the club’s website until the registration forms are finalized.  Barry and Kate stated that lots of volunteers (of course) are needed.  Rory, Kate and Barry are looking for sponsors.


4. Kids Marathon: Barry said that this year’s event is planned for Sunday, October 17 at Sarg Hubbard Park.  The event starts at 1 pm.  Info and registration forms will be ready soon.  Kenn said he would post documents on the club’s website when items are available.


7:45 Meeting adjourned


Respectfully submitted,


Barry James