HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 9/1/2011

Attendees: Richard Bentancourt, Kenn Zahn, Gregg Broyles, Ron Urlacher, Meg Spurgin, and Pat Spurgin.

Meeting lead by: Gregg Broyles                Meeting Start Time: 7:07 PM      Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:50PM

Membership Report: It was reported that we had 198 and have added 5 new members or a total of 203.

Treasurer Report: Richard reported the club is in the black and financially sound.

Old Business: 

·         Taxes: Richard reports taxes are filed now.

·         Social Runs: Gregg reports the Wednesday night runs are going well. They mix up the work outs from week to week. Gregg say several paces are still being represented, and he is seeing some new faces. Kenn reports long runs are being held on Sunday and all are welcome. See website or Face Book for details.

·         Name Change: No update

·         Equipment Delivery Mileage Charge: No further discussion.

·         Kenn and BJ have the “for sale” sign up, still need a new web master.

New Business:

·         Richard brought up the possibility of using timing chips for our races. Richard reports many clubs are using this technology now. The chips cost .75 each and the equipment is several thousand dollars to purchase. The benefits of increased accurate timing and ease of time stamping was discussed.  Kenn brought up the possibility of a coop with the school district or other entity. Kenn also suggested that leasing may be an option and would allow us to stay up with the latest technology. The group agreed we were interested enough to pursue the idea and acquire more information.

·         The idea of HCR logoed mile markers on the greenway was discussed. More information will be collected for decision making.

·         Social gathering/Run: Deferred until next meeting.

·         Kenn returned some old HCR equipment that he was storing for the club.

Race Updates:

·         Sun City: Will be held on October 9th. Gregg reported on behalf of Kate that we still need a volunteer for timing. Gregg will help with this. Kenn reports that there is a new church on the course and runners will pass this twice so traffic control may be needed as the race is on Sunday.

·         Frosty Four: Kenn reports that the Terrace Heights elementary school may not be available as they will be undergoing some construction and remodeling. Kenn will check with principal for details.