HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 9/4/14

Attendees: Frank Purdy, Randy Bolong, Richard Betencourt, Gregg Broyles, Sarah James, Eric Anderson and Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy Meeting Start Time: 7:05PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:55PM

Membership Report: No membership report.

Treasurer Report: We are solvent, and both Gray Rock and Clear Lake runs had positive cash flow. Richard presented detailed report.

News Letter: No report

Face Book: No report

Race Calendar: Calendar was reviewed and no discrepancies.

Old Business: Motion approved to donate same amount of money to Greenway foundation as we did last year.

New Business:

Race Updates:

         Gray Rock: Eric reports the race was a success and made more money than last year. Eric reports 2013 had 66 finishers while 2014 had 85 finishers.

         Sun City: The race will be held on 10/12. Kate will not be codirecting this race with Sarah. Gregg reports that we get additional insurance to obtain a permit for this race. Sarah had questions on National Barricade equipment rental and Frank reported that they have the quantity on hand at National Barricade. Ron agreed to pick up equipment from them and help set up with Randy in the morning, and Kenn will Premark the coarse. Sarah reports she will be using the Phoenix again on the race shirt. Sarah report the registration forms are made and ready to go out. Frank informed that we need to order race numbers with tear off, and that the pins are provided with the race numbers. Sarah reports she will be contacting Liberty Bottle for awards donations again. Frank will get with Brian Paul for information on metal ordering. Sarah reports Dr. Bradley will be a race sponsor. Sarah will call Valley Septic for the honey buckets.

         Msr. Ecker run: Frank will be working this race.

         Naches swim run: Gregg will be working this race.

         Winter Race Series: Frank reports that Shannon will only be able to do the first and last race but has offered to train somebody.