HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 9/5/13

Attendees: Frank Purdy,  Kate Soldano, Randy Bolong, Richard Betencourt, and Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy    Meeting Start Time: 7:05PM       Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:55PM

Membership Report:  No membership report.

Treasurer Report: Reported by Richard finances are good.

News Letter: No report

Old Business:  Greenway storage area needs cleaned up, waiting for weather to cool. Kenn to coordinate.

New Business:

·         Greenway is asking for a donation and in the past we have donated $300.00. We voted to donate the same this year.

·         Rental Form: Frank suggests we put the form with pricing on the internet so it can be printed and filled out. Richard will develop form. Do we want to tie to active calendar?


Race Updates:

Sun City: Kate reports things are going well. Kate reports the registration is online and in paper form. The paper form will have the story of Barry James. Kate is considering packet pick up the day before.

Sunfair: Will be on the 5th and may have citizens race.

Mud run: Will be on the 6th.

Greenway Fundraiser: Frank is considering a $25.00 entry fee. Thought was given to a  $50.00 entry fee but it was thought that this would leave to many people out. We also considered $25.00 minimum but would except larger donation. Entry fee is still up for discussion. The prospect of the race being a costume contest was discussed and is still on the table for discussion. Kate suggested we do plaque that the first place participants name would go on, and then each year’s winner would be added to the plaque. The plaque could be posted on the greenway. The other thought would be an engraved rock.

Winter Race Series: Dates set as listed on agenda for 12/8, 12/22, 1/5, and 1/9.

Turkey Trot: November 24th was considered for this race, which is the Sunday before thanksgiving.

Frost Four: Ken will check on school availability for registration and awards. Potentially the fees for the use of the school may go up because of the new facility. We may also use the church again.