Minute of HCR Club Meeting 
September 6th 2007
Yakima Athletic Club
Barry called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.  Members
present:  Barry James, Pat and Karen Miller, Lorrie
Smith, Elizabeth Tsutch, Jack Carlton.
The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as
posted on the web site.  
There was no treasurer’s report but we still have
Membership:  We had 3 new members.  Membership stands
at 200.
Newsletter:  Are printed and ready to go but we didn’t
have the labels so they will be out in a couple of
days.  Running reminders are up-to-date and the web
site has been updated as of September 3rd.  
Social runs:  Intervals have been shifted from Wed. to
Tue. At 6pm.
New business:  The Sun City 5k course has been
certified.  We should have the certification on the ½
marathon before the race.
Bob and Lenore Dolphin have established a “Team
Dolphin” marathon fund.  It will be used to sponsor a
male and female to the Boston Marathon.  A minimum of
$400.00 will be shared annually by a male and female
runner. They must intend to run Boston and have
qualified at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon.  More
info will follow. 
Lorrie gave an update on the Sun City races.  She has
a base of volunteers but could use a few more.  The
race shirts will be Teck t shirts.
Frank gave tentative race dates for the winter race
Barry is looking into having our annual elections
meeting at Cottonwood Elementary School.  
Meeting adjourned, 7:45pm.