Minutes of HCR Club Meeting
September 7th 2006 Yakima Athletic Club
Barry filling in for Eric, brought the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Members present: Barry James, Pat and Karen Miller, Kenn Zahn, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Lori Smith, Jean Flores, Frank Purdy, Gailon Gentry, Elizabeth Tutsch, Jack and Janis Carlton.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.
Treasurer’s report: There wasn’t one as Tony was absent, but according to an email from Eric, "everything looks good".
Membership: We had 1 new member for the month. Membership stands at 211. Virginia also said she had submitted her resignation as membership director.
Newsletter: Frank said it was at the printers and should be out within the next week. The web site has been updated as of Sept. 6th. Running reminders are a work in progress and may be a combo September and October.
Social runs: Elizabeth said she had missed a couple because of vacation but that a few people had been out. The next one is Sept. 20th.
New business: The Apple Ridge Run Invitational cross country meet is coming up Sept. 23rd. They will also have an open run for the public at the end. There is a link on the web site for more info.
Sun City races are Oct. 8th . Lori said preparation is coming along. Entry forms have been printed and distribution has begun. As always volunteers are needed. There were a lot of separate discussions going on around the table concerning this race.
Barry noted that the Sunfair Invitational cross country meet is also coming up. It was believed to be the first Sat. in October. Barry is going to check with Tony as to what needs to be done on our part.
WE STILL NEED A FROSTY FOUR RACE DIRECTOR. (Bold capital letters means its urgent)! If you can help the club out with this please contact Barry.
Karen showed off the new HCR running shirts. There were different styles in blue, pink and white and also hooded sweatshirts in bright yellow. All short sleeve shirts are $13 and the sweatshirts are $20. They will be available at the Sun City races.
Gailon said the Gray Rock 50 and 25k races went well and will be back next year. Tentative date is August 18th. He also said that the Tampico Days 5k will be run Saturday Sept. 16th at 8am. Cost is $15. The course has not been finalized yet but will probably be more of a trail run. This will more than likely be the last year for this race.
The club received an email from Stacy Sundborg. She is a high school senior who wants to plan and put on a race for her senior project. She is seeking a person from the club to mentor her. Some club members expressed interest.
Old business: Canyon Marathon committee meeting is Sept. 19th, 7pm. at the Dolphins.
Meeting adjourned 7:55pm. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton