Minutes of HCR Club Meeting 
Oct. 4th 2007
Yakima Athletic Club
Barry called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.  Members
present:  Barry James, Lorrie Smith, Kate Soldano,
Frank Purdy, Jack Carlton, and guest Aubry Packard,
and Stephanie Shuel.
The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as
posted on the web site.
Stephanie is putting on a run for her senior project. 
The tentative date is for sometime in November.  She
was at the meeting to get information on getting
prepared for the run.
Newsletter:  Frank had the newsletters at the meeting
and they were ready to be addressed and mailed.  Barry
volunteered to do that.  
Old business:  Lorrie said everything was coming
together for the Sun City races but that she needed
more volunteers.  Both race courses are now certified.
Dates are set for the Winter Race Series.  Check the
newsletter or the web site for more information as it
comes out.
Karen  Miller is going to have a way cool, cool-max
shirt made for our 30th anniversary party/elections
banquet.  They will be made available for ordering. 
The date of the banquet is November 4th.
New business:  There are a few positions still open
for the 2007-2008 year.  We still do not have a Vice
President, equipment director, and possibly a fun run
coordinator.  Kate Soldono has agreed to fill the
Secretary position.
Meeting adjourned:  7:45 pm.