Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

October 5th 2006 Yakima Athletic Club

Eric brought the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Members present: Eric Anderson, Barry James, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Pat and Karen Miller, Bill Nicholson, Tony Sagare, Elizabeth Tutsch, Lorrie Smith, Jack and Janis Carlton.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as posted on the Web Site.

Eric informed the club that he is advising Stacy Sundborg on her W.V. Highschool fun run. It may be sometime in mid November.

Treasurer’s report: The club had a positive income for the month of $988.03, mostly due to the Sun City entry fees. Tony also said that new incoming treasurer, Jean Flores, is set up on all accounts.

Newsletter: The October issue was printed and almost ready for mailing at meeting time. The web site has been updated and the monthly running reminders have been sent out.

Membership: We had 6 new members for the month. Total membership stands at 216.

Club runs: Elizabeth has set them up weekly, every Wednesday at 6pm. They have been doing intervals or some sort of speed work. Pat is going to put together some sort of long run program leading up to Spring marathons.

New business: Not really new but Sun City preparations were discussed. Tony has agreed to handle membership duties, Virginia’s old job, until a replacement can be found. The annual HCR elections meeting is Sunday November 5th. Notices will be sent out.

Old business: We still need a Frosty 4 race director and HCR Vice President. According to Eric’s meeting notes "the pay for these positions suck, but the friends you will make, the contacts, the fond memories...will last a lifetime".

Jean suggested that the club get some sort of gift card for the Klosters for the use of their cabin every year for the fun run and the equipment storage.

Meeting adjourned, 8:03 pm. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton