HCR Club Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 10/6/16
Attendees: Frank Purdy, Sarah James, Richard Betancourt, Randy Bolong, Kenn Zahn, Mai, and Ron Urlacher.
Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy Meeting Start Time: 7:00PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:50 PM
Membership Report: No membership report.
Treasurer Report: Report reviewed and accepted.
News Letter: No report
Face Book: No report
Minutes: Minutes were reviewed and approved.
Race Calendar/Equipment Rentals: Was reviewed.
Old Business:
• Mai will buy new lap top and help set it up.
• We will be updating mailing lists and improving means of communications with members.

New Business: Next meeting at Bobs Burger.
Race Updates:
• Sun City: Sarah reported that so far there are 66 registered for the 5K, 29 for the half marathon, and 9 walkers. Sarah reported she has food, water, Honey buckets, volunteers, and sponsors secured. We agreed to donate $200.00 to the Sheriff’s office for their help on the course. Randy will pick up cones and sandwich boards, and Ron will pick up items from Greenway storage. Randy and Ron to meet at 6AM for course set up. Kenn will have course miles marked. Mai, and Gregg will time and Frank will have clock and finish line gear.
• Winter Race Series: No update provided.
• Turkey Trot: will be held on 11/20.