Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

October 7th 2004 Yakima Athletic Club

Eric called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Members present: Eric Anderson, Terry Cliett, Frank and Pam Covelli, Bill Nicholson, Larry McCaw, Stan Helmka, Tony Sagare, Lorri Smith, Jack and Janis Carlton and guest Katie Carlos and Tom Kelleher.

Katie was present to talk about her senior class project. She wants to put on a cross country fun run in Feb. or March and wanted to get some input from the club.

The minutes of the last meeting were then read and approved.

New Business: Tom Kelleher is heading up the Washington State Games being held in Yakima July 15th-17th and talked a little about what was planned. He said the games will be modeled after the Big Sky games in Montana, since they have been doing them for about 20 years. There are plans for a run the first day to open the games. A torch run, walk from Olympia or possibly around the State to Yakima is being considered. Events have yet to be decided.

Treasurerís report: Tony said there was not a lot of activity again this month. We had income from Sun City entrants and the major expense for the month was for the newsletter. This months newsletter is ready to go. Dues renewal and annual meeting reminder post cards are going out.

Membership: Two new, five renewals and total membership stands at 198.

Fun Runs: Larry announced he would be stepping down as fun run coordinator. Lots of people were at the last run from Fred Meyers. B.J. Zahn won a $25 gas card in the participation drawing. Tony suggested that we need to get a full report on the fun runs in the newsletter.

Old business: Equipment training went well. Tampico fun run had about 25 runners. Sun Fair Invitational cross country meet was a big success.

Other New Business: No one in attendance had been to the YRCM meeting so no report was made.

Tony made up an equipment rental schedule for the clocks so people can sign up to take the clocks to various events.

Meeting adjourned 8:10 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton