HCR Club Meeting Minutes

October 10th 2003

Yakima Athletic Club

Jean called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.

Members present: Larry McCaw, Eric Anderson, Jean Flores, Tony Sagare, Stan Helmka, Jack and Janis Carlton, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Pat Miller, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Mike Pratt and guest Arnie Makie.

New business: Arnie gave a presentation to the club about their Lewis and Clark Fun Run. His request from the club was for help at the start and finish line and the use of a clock. The run was a one mile Lewis and Clark Bicentennial event involving students, parents and teachers. The club donated the clock and Janis, Jack and Stan volunteered to help out.

The minutes of the last meeting were then read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report: Tony said we had a positive net income for the month. The newsletter is running about $250 a month to print and mail which is one of our bigger expenses. Tony also said he receives a USATF newsletter by email and would be happy to forward it to anyone interested. It was brought up that we need to discuss applying for 501-C non-profit status. If we had that, anyone making a donation to the club could get a tax deduction.

Membership report: There were 7 new members added in September, 7 renewed and 7 retired from August. Total membership stands at 195. 5 memberships are due in September, 37 in October and 39 in November.

Club runs: All set through the end of the year. Check the calendar.

Old Business. Sun City races. Tony is going to check into publicity. He does a radio show in the AM. Sunday morning on 1280 and will get a plug in for the Sun City. So far we have 3 walkers, 26 for the5K and 22 in the ½ marathon. Jean, Kenn and Tony are working on registration. Jean and Virginia will handle race day registration. Mike volunteered to bring the supplies, fill in volunteers and tie up some loose ends.

The Vice President position is still open.

Kenn moved to adjourn at 8:30 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton