Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

November 2nd 2003 YMCA

After a fun run and walk and a tasty pot luck, Jean called the meeting to order at 2:52 P.M.

Members present: Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Tony and Joyce Sagare, Eric Anderson, Sandy Lundberg, Jean Flores, Jeff Hagen, Frank Purdy, Larry McCaw, Frank and Pam Covelli, Jack and Janis Carlton, Rob and Melissa Brulotte and baby Alice, and guest hopefully soon to be member Clover Coyner.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as printed in the newsletter.

Treasurerís Report: Tony reported a net gain for the month mostly due to a $900 profit from the Sun City races. He also said we had a total net income for the year of $682, thanks in large part to our main sponsors Wiley Hurst, Mike Pratt and Jim and Bill Kloster. Tony had great praise for the registrars at the Sun City races who worked very hard to get all the day of race participants registered. He also said the a focus for the coming year needs to be to get race directors for the Frosty Four, Clear Lake and Sun City races.

AARC. Sent out a report to the clubs about their status. Our insurance through them may drop slightly depending on coverage. A decision has to be made on weather to continue our association with them.

Membership: Virginia reported 4 new members in Oct., 9 renewed and 4 were dropped from September. Total membership stands at 203 and 34 memberships are due in October.

Fun Runs: Larry announced that Eric and Jeff won drawings for fun run attendance. The Turkey Trot is November 23rd. This year everyone has a chance to win at predicting their time. Jeff Hagen, winner the last two years, wonít be in attendance.

Newsletter: Frank said "Itís a work in progress". What else! Eric did have a copy of the current issue verifying that they are still coming. Frank also gave out club yearly milage awards. Those receiving awards were Kenn Zahn, Bob Dolphin, Frank Purdy, Jeff Hagen (and Joyce) and Eric Anderson. You should find the details and Franks humorous quips elsewhere in this newsletter.

Jean then gave out gifts of thanks to the board members. Eric in turn gave her a card of appreciation and a gift from the club.

Officers for the new year were then nominated and elected. Eric took over and thanked all the members of the club who make things work. A special thanks was given to Mike and Steve Pratt for their work on the Sun City races. A motion was made to move the January meeting date from Jan. 1st to Jan. 8th. It was passed. Eric then brought the gavel down and the meeting was adjourned. Respectively submitted, Jack Carlton