Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

November 7th 2004 Yakima YMCA

Eric called the meeting to order informally at 2:15 PM. We began to discuss business while still digging in to our pizza and buffet luncheon. Members present: Eric and Lori Anderson, Frank and Pam Covelli, Pat and Karen Miller, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Kenn and B.J. Zahn, Tony Sagare, J. R. Phillips, Terry Cliett, Kate Soldano, Lorrie Smith, Stan Helmka, Larry McCaw, Frank Purdy, Sandy Boyd, Barry James, Bran DeMond, Jack and Janis Carlton. Great turnout!

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as printed in the newsletter.

Treasuresís report: Tony reported a net gain for the month of about $577.00. For the year from Nov. 2003 to Nov. 2004 we netted a total of $1662.36. Tony also thanked Lorrie Smith for the great job on the Sun City races and said they were a big financial success.

Membership: We had 4 new members. 84 renewed and total membership stands at 208.

Newsletter: The November newsletter was already out. Frank said if anyone had any suggestions about what they would like to see in the newsletter to contact him.

New business. Membership in AARC and the unification with the RRCA was discussed.

Eric gave cards of thanks and awards to club officers with special plaques going to Larry McCaw for his many years of service as fun run director and Tony Sagare as the volunteer of the year.

Frank handed out awards to club runners for their yearly mileage and club points. The results should be elsewhere in this newsletter.

Pat Miller was drafted and accepted the position of fun run coordinator. Eric said that he would serve a second term as club President and Frank a second term as Vice President. Tony, Virginia, Frank and Jack said they would continue serving as treasurer, membership director, newsletter editor, and secretary, respectively. All club officer selections were approved.

Larry said he still has a few club shirts left for sale and will be ordering more when he gets more request for shirts. He also mentioned that he has quite a supply of left over shirts from previous races and is willing to deal to move them out. He will have them available at future races.

The meeting was them adjourned and everyone when home with left over pizza. Respectfully submitted Jack Carlton.