Minutes of HCR Club Meeting
November 4th 2007 Yakima YMCA

After a run and a great meal of lasagna and a whole
bunch of side dishes and desserts, Barry called the
meeting to order. Members present: Barry and Sarah
James, JR Phillips, Pat and Karen Miller, Bruce and
Rosanne Bacon, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Eric
Anderson, Kenn and Jean Zahn, Jean Flores, Jeff and
Joyce Hagen, Lorrie Smith and daughter, Greg Broyles,
Frank Purdy, Carmen Garrison, Tina Lewis, Taylor
Lewis, Crispin Garza, Griselda Vega, Jodee Peterson,
Art Ramirez, Chris Ramirez, Jack and Janis Carlton.
Great turnout considering the Seahawks were playing,
super bowl 41 ½ was on and it was a great day for
being outside.

After a 30th Anniversary slide picture presentation
presented by Kenn, Barry welcomed everyone. He turned
it over to Frank who gave the dates for the Winter
Race Series. Frank also handed out the awards for
club mileage and club points for the year. The
winners were Tina Lewis, Barry James, Bob Dolphin, and
Kenn Zahn.

Barry then presented awards of appreciation to club
officers and race directors.

Jean gave a treasurer’s report. We are still solvent
but the yearly figures will not be in until the final
figures for the Sun City races are in.

Barry then announced the officers for the next year.
Barry will continue as president. Greg Broyles was
the hero of the day stepping into the Vice President
position. Jean Flores will continue as Treasurer,
Kate Soldano, Secretary, Frank Purdy, newsletter
editor, (and a fine one he is). Also on board are
Elisabeth Tutsch, club runs, Pat Miller, membership,
Kenn Zahn, webmaster and Carol Stuley as equipment

Kenn then had another cd picture presentation of races
over the years and Jeff Hagen gave a slide
presentation of the very earliest HCR runs.

Karen Miller had special shirts make up for the event.
They are really sharp, made of high tech material,
and available for ordering.

The meeting was adjourned sometime around 4pm.